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Vision, Mission and Values



Our Vision

SAMA is the recognized leader and authority on property assessment, and Saskatchewan's service provider of choice.



Our Mission

SAMA develops, regulates and delivers a stable, cost-effective assessment system that is accurate, up-to-date, universal, equitable and understandable.


To do this we focus on six key responsibilities:



We provide leadership in methods of valuation and rules of assessment.

Assessment Services

We provide property assessment valuation services.


We manage a comprehensive source of property assessment information for local governments, the Province,
and other clients.


We promote and practice quality control and conduct quality assurance audits.



We consult with and inform local governments and the public about property assessment.


We incorporate best practices and utilize appropriate new technologies.



SAMA Core Values



We practice ethical and high professional standards. We conduct our business with honesty and respect for others, by honouring our commitments, and being accountable for our actions.



We are experts in our field, and value continuous learning and training to ensure we deliver quality products and services.



We are committed to improving every aspect of our property assessment system.  We see every challenge as an
opportunity to succeed.



We work collaboratively with others to understand needs and provide the best possible solutions.





Did you know SAMA provides an independent quality assurance function?

Review the Quality Assurance Vision, Mission, Principles for this process

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2011 Assessment Manual
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