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Detailed Property Information

SAMA provides current detailed property information online through the SAMAView application free of charge for personal or non-commercial use (see Overview of SAMAView). Commercial users are required to pay the applicable licensing fees.


Detailed Property Reports for the current roll year are available to purchase from SAMA, in hard copy or .pdf file, at the following prices (plus GST):


Detailed Property Reports for previous years (historical) are available to purchase from SAMA, in hard copy or .pdf file, for $30.00 per report (plus GST).


These fees are applicable to all requests made through SAMA offices.


Detailed Property Reports are selected by legal land description and municipal unit. Please submit this information when ordering. To order Detailed Property Profile Reports, contact SAMA via email, call 800-667-7262, or fax 306-924-8070.


Cash, cheque, Visa or MasterCard are accepted. Reports are released upon receipt of payment.



How to Interpret Detailed Property Reports

The following are samples of Detailed Property Reports and are provided as a tool for interpreting some of the codes and abbreviations on a typical report. At this time, only the agricultural land report sample is available:



The descriptions for these Detailed Property Reports have been written using non-technical terms wherever possible. As such, they may differ from the definitions found in the Saskatchewan Assessment Manual. When comparing the wordings it is important to note that the definitions in the manual have the force of regulation while the definitions on this website are provided for information purposes only.




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