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How to Interpret Detailed Property Profile Reports



Agricultural Land

Click on the areas highlighted in red to view descriptions of sample Detailed Property Profile Report codes.


LandID - Waste Land Call Back Year Change Reason Method in use Freight Adj Appraised Values Adjust Reason Tax Class PID Inspected LandID Acres - Arable Land AS1, C/OM Assessment ID Number Legal Location Title Acres School Division Neighbourhood Year/Frozen ID Overall PUSE Predom Code USE LndUse - Arable Land TXT1, TX2 Rate PROF1 RATE AS2, C/OM TXT3, TXT4 RATE PROF2 RATE MR "A" Depth 1 - 2 RATE Phys Factors and Ratings PR TOPOG RATE STON RATE N-H RATE M-H RATE TRE RTE FR FVR LandID Acres - NonArable Land LndUse - NonArable Land AS1 TXT1 and TXT2 AS2 TXT3 and TXT4 Range Site Tree Past Type TOPOG Aum Acre Aum Qtr WtrSrce Final AUM Land Rating/LMI Rate/Acre Acres - Waste Land LndUse - Waste Land Land Type Rate Description Liability Subdivision Percentage of value Taxable Adjust Reason - Taxable Exempt Adjust Reason - Exempt Tax Status



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Please note: A cross section of abbreviations found on an Detailed Property Profile Reports are used in this example. A complete listing of rates and definitions can be found in the Saskatchewan Assessment Manual. View purchasing options for the Saskatchewan Assessment Manual.

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